Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hardwood Nightmares

If you've been following along, you know I've decided to keep my house for a while.  I love the location.  I refinanced it this month and got my ex's name off the note and title, and saved a couple of percentage points of interest along the way.

My more recent task is an attempt to get hardwood flooring throughout the house.  That stuff is expensive!

You never really think about how to do things like the stairs.  Do you put wood floors on the stairs or not?  Labor is expensive.  Apparently it's difficult to put hardwood floors on the staircase.  The salesperson convinced me to do a partial wood with carpet on the stairs (easier to install and keeps you from slipping down the stairs).

I'm really looking forward to buying some footed pajamas and skating through the house!

Not to fear, I have begun shopping around to see if everyone is as expensive.  Interestingly, some places offer free measuring and estimates and others want a deposit before they'll come out and measure.

I'm looking at Lowe's, Flooring America, and Empire.

I even thought about buying the flooring and doing the installation myself.  The thought lasted approximately 5 seconds.  Handyman, I am not.

I really wanna skate.


  1. So which part is the nightmare?
    Seems pretty peachy from where I'm sitting.

    Or is this just in anticipation of the inevitable fk-ups and cost over-runs that come with any home renovation project?

  2. The nightmare is in the decision process. What kind of wood do you get? Do you get laminate for the savings and variety? Do you get engineered wood? Should I save the money and fix the hot tub in the backyard? Should I save the money and help my eldest go to college next year? Is it really going to be worth the money you spend on it? It's all part of my neurosis.