Thursday, August 29, 2013

Durango's World

My blog used to be called Random Ramblings. Or Gar's Random Ramblings. Or maybe it was the Random Ramblings of Gar. I don't remember.

Upon the recommendation of a friend, I changed it to Gar's World which seemed, I don't know, easier to remember.

A couple of weeks ago, my blogging mentor and nemesis, Durango, decided to create a Durango World blog. At first I thought he was joking. I thought perhaps he was just coming up with something to belittle my new blog title.

I did a search for the Durango World blog he mentioned and I couldn't find it.

Well, he's finally started writing and I must say: I like the Durango World blog more than I do his Durango Texas blog. I read post after post today without slowing down or growing bored. I even felt inclined to comment a couple of times, but I decided to write my own post instead.

I don't know how much he actually reads my posts but he took one of my little asinine spoutings and spun it into gold with this particular post about Obamacare.

Anyway, come to my little blog site once a day, look on the right column and click on Infamous World of Durango. I'm quite impressed, but don't tell him that.

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