Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Necessary Randomness

As you may or may not be aware, I got married on August 17th.

Last week I was in Jamaica on my honeymoon so no blogging.

However, I shall share with you some stories and an interesting thing or two I learned while in Jamaica.

First of all, I've always claimed that mosquitoes don't like me for one reason or another. I almost never get bit. I'd like to update this information. Texas mosquitoes don't like me. Jamaican mosquitoes think I'm the best thing since sliced bread. I've got bites in places mosquitoes have no business going and can't be scratched without public ridicule and persecution.

On a somewhat completely unrelated note, I recently discovered Google's Blogger has been sending all my comment information to a defunct email address so it was never getting read (by me). I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to any commenters I failed to sarcastically respond to. And I'm rather pleased now after being quite sad about the lack of comments. There were a whole mess of comments I never saw! How exciting is that? I briefly thought about responding to all of them, but I rejected the idea and instead fabricated an arbitrary cutoff date. Sorry again.

Football season is about to start back up! While in Jamaica I kept crossing paths with a large man from Washington DC who was always wearing a Redskins baseball cap. One fine day, after two or three too many Rum Punches, I confronted the Redskins fan.

"Hello Sir," I said with a smile, "I see you are a Redskins fan. Well, I'm from Dallas, and I'd like to offer you Tony Romo in exchange for RG 3."

He looked at me, kind of snickered and said, "Are you kidding? We'd never do that! Tony Romo is our best player."

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