Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blah Blah Blog and Travel

Tomorrow afternoon I board a plane for Italy.

I'll be flying into Roma. Then I'm going to wing it to get to Lamezia (further down the West coast).

I'm thinking I'll take a 5 hour train ride. I could take a 1 hour plane ride, but where's the fun in that. I'll get me a first class seat on a south bound train! I need to be in Lamezia by Monday evening.

I'm going to go give one of our customers warm fuzzies so they don't ask for a refund. I'm good at handing out warm fuzzies. Although I don't think I've ever given warm fuzzies to an Italian before. It may be more difficult.

The frequency of my blogging may be slightly interrupted. I tend not to think on connectivity problems when I'm doing something I've never done before. They have requested Internet access in my hotel room though so I'm thinking it'll be fun.

When I travel, I don't like seeing things. I like meeting people. I mean what's more fun? Going to see The Sistine Chapel or meeting some locals for dinner and then hanging out with them at a pub underneath The Sistine Chapel? I'm fairly certain there is not a pub underneath the chapel. That comment was purely for example.

My friend Ed seems to be rather good at this type of thing. He visited Sri Lanka not too long ago and he wrote about his tour guide. I really can't give you more details than that. You should really read it for yourself if you are interested. I'd end up discrediting Ed's creative writing style.

Stephanie gave me a 5 minute crash course on Italian last night. I don't remember any of it except that it was an easy language for me to speak. But my vocabulary skills suck. I can say most words correctly but I can't remember which words go where. Stephanie can speak 6 languages. She was my wedding planner because one of the languages she speaks is German.

So ciao for now. Unless something inspirational hits me in the next 24 hours or so my next post will probably be from Italy.


  1. Warming up Italians...should i be stereotypical? Brag on their primo and dolce, use lots of gestures and facial expressions, use a loud and boisterous voice and finally...say nice things about the family ;)

    Can't wait to read your post from safe

  2. Ditch the train and rent a car. I'm pretty sure you're wrong and there is a bar under the Sistine Chapel. Catholics are heavy duty drinkers. Especially the priests. And don't get me started on drunk nuns.

    Anyway, have fun. Italian spoken with a thick Texas accent. That likely will confuse an Italian or two.