Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tea Party with Top Guitarists

While I am on the subject of guitars, I guess I should swing back and do some more of my Libertarian duties and mention the Tea Party that happened in San Antonio. Ted Nugent was there: The Motor City Madman, TNT, Terrible Ted, etc.

My fellow friendly political blogger has more on the Tea Parties (in general)
. You can go there is you want to read more and join in the lively debate.

The first video is a music video. Ted doing the Star Spangled Banner. From listening to it, I've decided that you have to be a Nugent fan to really appreciate it. Else you'll be saying "Oy" a lot.

The second video is the only video I could find where you can understand Ted although you can't see him. You just get to see two bald guys standing in front of the camera. The imagery is frightening so you might just want to close your eyes and listen. I like the alarm clock analogy. I also like that this particular recording cuts off when Ted starts his gun rant.


  1. The TEA party in San Antonio looked like a lot of fun. I attended the one in Odessa on Saturday afternoon. The crowd was pleasant and so was the weather. I'll be watching Texas closely...I'm not sure if Perry is just trying to find support OR if he really believes that TX should leave the Union. Either way, sure hope the military doesn't descend upon us!

  2. Leaving the union would be nightmarish. It seems to me there are too many fanatics in Texas.

    Unfortunately, they are fanatical about things that I don't like.

    I prefer to think that it's nice to have a Governor with a sense of humor.

    But, I've never liked Perry.