Friday, April 3, 2009

Special Weekly News Post

I find that writing my little blog is fun. It's more fun when people read it. If I had millions of readers it would be oodles of fun.

When I post personal tidbits, very few people read them. When I post informational topics (like video game comparisons, settings up virtual machines or repairing windows vista) lots of people stumble upon them via search engine results. But these kinds of postings are not as much fun to write.

What to do? Do you write the stuff that has people from all over the world accidentally reading your ramblings? Or do you post the stuff that is more fun to write but less read? Perhaps there is a perfect harmony. I doubt it.

I've gotten behind in my reading. I am reading my history book and "The Three Musketeers" at the same time. At one point I was reading a chapter from each every night before bed. Now, not so much.

My history book has just started in with the history of Africa. The most interesting thing about Africa it that it has the oldest evidence of modern man, but the technology lagged way behind. They skipped the bronze age and went directly to the iron age because of invasions from the north. I guess it's hard to fight off iron weapons with a wooden stick. The invaders brought iron weapons and the knowledge of how to make it to Africa. The people there were isolated in the stone age. Diversity and open communications brings ingenuity. We should remember that.

On April 1, I posted my April Fools joke on the coat tails of Durango's April Fools joke. That was another little tidbit that was fun to write, but not much fun to read. For those of you that might have been a little bit fooled: I'm not moving anywhere (yet).

Occasionally, I have to delete a comment. Sometimes someone will just post a link. I assume these are ads. Last week (or maybe two weeks ago) someone posted a link under the anonymous name of Ed. I thought it could have possibly actually been Ed, but I deleted it anyway. Then, when I got home from work and went to the linked website, I figured it really was Ed. Should I apologize to Ed for deleting his link comment? I haven't heard from him since I deleted his comment, but I think he might be "away".

Another friend of mine from high school has been posting comments on some of my crazy opinionated writings. For the most part it seems as though I am ignoring them. But for those of you playing along, I am actually cataloging them for future blog fodder. Like the one about the two party system insuring that the elected officials get more than 23% of the vote. I started to comment back and then it got long-winded, so I cataloged it instead. Sometimes I never get around to writing the post after the idea is cataloged. I'm working on that as well.

I met another semi-famous person the other day. I've been thinking about how to write about that. Not that anyone would particularly care. A few years ago (well, more than 10), I met a guy that pretended to be Steve Buscemi. I still don't know who he was. Maybe he was Steve. Not many people look like Steve. The movie Steve starred in afterward, he played an insane serial killer with my name. You'll have to research that one. I'll get you started. Maybe I'll post more about that later.

Police are supposed to keep us safe. They work for us. If you work at Wal-Mart, it is your job to make the customers happy. Without customers, you don't get paid because you don't have a job. Robert Powell should have been fired immediately for his video taped harassment of his customers. The fact that they let him resign is a testament to the lack of common sense and intelligence of our public servants.


  1. I should not reveal what I am about to reveal. Because this information could make your blog go viral, high quality blog that it is.

    Here it is. When you write about the stuff that currently does not show up in search engines, start injecting some words or phrases that will cause it to get indexed.

    Like in this one I'm commented on, if you'd said you were "busy working on my latest iteration of my psycho-sonic neuro-transmitter I-Pod super sucker when I decided to take a time out from thinking I wanted to go to Sonic after work for a burger before heading home to suffer through yet one more of my wife's heavy with cream German feedings that always cause me to have to take way too much Pepto-Bismol along with my nightly six-pack of Lone Star Beer..."

    There, you get the drift. Punch it up, boy with way too much extraneous verbiage on your bloggings that are of the personal tidbits nature.

    If you read thru your current posting there really are only a couple of things the search engines might glom onto. That being Africa and the Musketeers. But even those are a pretty weak in the descriptiveness.

    Now that you know what to do, get to it.

    And apologize to that Ed person for deleted him. That was rude of you.

  2. No worries. I figured you just assumed it was spam (a fair assumption--it was a wierd little link).

    If you really want random people clicking through to your blog, you probably oughtta engage in some SEO (search engine optimization). Just do a Web search on it--you'll see tha Durango's onto somethig there.

    If you care, te wife has set up a blog for our travels in India. Might be worth a perusal if you've got some time to kill.

  3. I'm reading Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things: Short Fictions and Wonders. Just started. The first story in the collection is good. Neil Gaiman does Sherlock Holmes.