Friday, April 10, 2009

Britney Spears, Tina Turner and Amy Winehouse

You know when you have something cool to blog about, but you lost your pictures or you don't feel inspired to put it all down on paper. Today is one of those days. I think I left my pictures describing the event at work. I won't be back to work until Monday. Hopefully, I'll still remember the story on Monday. It just won't be the same without my pictures.

Instead, you get to read about this thought that's sort of been tickling my noodle for some time now. That being Britney Spears. Yeah, she's cute with her little midriff baring outfits. At least she is now that she got the little fat rolls under control. And she was before (the kids).

However, she did something in between that completely made her the lowest kind of scum. She decided to have children with no intention of taking care of them. I know women who have had kids (by accident) and they cry, work a second job, and do what they have to do to make sure their children get by the best that they can.

Britney is/was a multimillionaire and she planned to have kids. She said she was going to put her music career on hold to make time to start a family. She is the biggest kind of loser and we still pay her exorbitantly for it and give her lots of free publicity.

The other day, my daughter was complaining about Amy Winehouse because "Amy Winehouse is a druggy". I personally like Amy's music a helluva lot better than Britney's.

"What's worse?" I asked her. "Doing drugs and only hurting yourself or deciding to have kids and not taking care of them?"

She's too young to really care, but maybe some day she'll understand. Amy Winehouse is killing herself and it's too bad because she's a cool singer. But at least she didn't put innocent children in danger by doing so. She's a million times better than Britney.

And for those of you who still think Britney is a good entertainer. You ain't seen nothing. The first video is Tina Turner when she was 68 (almost 69). The second video is Britney when she was 26. Enjoy.


  1. I've never been a fan of Britney even before shaved head and bare feet in the bathroom. She always seemed superficial and selfcentered, people like that don't impress me at all. Besides, the music was so-so. Tina Turner, on the other hand...WOW! She is a very classy woman; with all the adversity -- still gives a performance that puts Britney to shame. I've never seen Britney perform before, looked like at that time she was out of shape (cardio) and was afraid to commit to any exertion for fear of breathing heavy and wheezing...J

  2. I think we are in agreement.

    As far as Britney, since you are a woman, you miss out on the "fun to look at" part of the attraction.

    Well, unless you are, ya know, one of those cool freaky women.