Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Exile In Texas Comes To An End

Today, I decided to move with Durango to Washington. I've lived in Texas long enough. I want to live on the liberal west coast with their wild black berries (the fruity kind, not the gms kind), mountains and rain. Lots of rain.

I haven't told him yet that I'm going to go with him. I don't remember if I still have his number. I'm hoping he'll give me a day or two to finish packing and sell my house. I hear every one is moving to Texas so maybe I can trade my large house for a fleeing Washingtonian's hut by the Puget Sound. Location is everything.

As I leave the belt buckle, I'll feel like I'm moving closer to Hell. A place where they don't kick people out of their houses to build football stadiums or shopping malls. It'll be brutal.

I still won't have to pay state income taxes. That'll be nice. I hope I can find a job. Maybe Durango will mentor me as his apprentice blogger. I really should have planned this a bit longer before making such a rash decision. But sometimes spontaneity leads to more fun.

Now I have to quit writing and get back to packing before Durango leaves without me. He may need my help against Lord Voldemort whose home is in the dreary Pacific Northwest along with the vampires and werewolves.


  1. You can use the upper loft til you find your own place. You'll have a view and will be hearing a lot of seagulls and smelling saltwater 24/7. The rain really shouldn't concern you, it rains more here, just look at the stats, it just rains slower up there. You can easily escape the rain. What should concern you is adjusting to the temperature.

  2. I'm in the market to just forward all the realestate information to me. I've decided to acquire as many properties as possible in order to create my own economic upswing. ;)

    If you can't find a of my ex husbands lives in Seattle...i'm sure he'd be willing to help...oh that's right, he's a right wing conservative...don't think you'll find much help there.

    How's your Mandarin? I hear that's Seattle's 2nd language. Good Luck...remember to pack garlic, holy water, silver bullets and a rain coat. J