Friday, February 3, 2012

They Might Be Insane

To further accelerate my road to insanity I went to a "They Might Be Giants" concert last night in Dallas.  I went with two hot women in an attempt to appease my Spartacus desires.  I would post pictures, but you'd be jealous and green is so ugly on you.

It occurred to me during the concert that Durango is always bugging me about my severe lack of a good knowledge of history.  Once, I tried to read a History of the World book.  I made it about halfway through.  He recommended a book to me called "Burr" which I may have made it a little over halfway through.  Why did all of this occur to me whilst watching They Might Be Giants?  Because they did this song...

It was really quite the geeky concert and there I was with a luscious babe on each arm.

I got bored and learned how to tweet with my phone. My first tweet was "My tweeter's broken". No one laughed. They were putting the tweets on the big screen at the concert.

Since I can now tweet I've added a link to the right for Random Tweets! I encourage you to follow me. It'll keep you entertained in a pinch. What does it mean to follow a tweeter? Does that make you a tweetee? I'm sure someone has already figured all of this out.

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