Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekend Notes and Future Promises and Experiments

How is that for a title?  I learn stuff like that from Durango.  Sometimes his titles are so lengthy, you don't have to read the post.  He doesn't call them titles.  He calls them Cliff's Notes.

I have a friend who is getting married who is in a contest.  I'm not normally one to help people win money, but she's promised me $10 for every person I get to vote for her.  And I promise to give everyone who votes from my link $2.  So follow this link and "like" her picture.  I hope that's her fiance she's with, else this whole thing is a scam.  And, you are correct, I'm completely joking about the pay per click thing.  How could I possibly know if you clicked on the link or not?  I blogged about her once before.  You can go here if you are interested.  It's an old post so the story is kind of sad now that I reread it, but I feel the same about my friends.  It's her birthday today.  Happy Birthday!  I hope both the people who read my blog like your picture!  The contest ends sometime around Valentines Day 2012.  If you're reading this in 2013, don't bother.

It's really an experiment for my future Presidential campaign so I'd really like it if you liked it.

Tonight I'm going to Vegas.  I'm leaving at 11 PM.  I've heard before that late night flights to Vegas are lots of fun.  I don't know why they are supposed to be lots of fun, but I plan to find out!  I'm celebrating another beautiful woman's birthday tomorrow.  I'll be back on Monday.

Speaking of birthdays and women, I've recently discovered (because of Facebook), that I've been in relationships (and I use that term broadly -- heheh), with several women born in February.  Perhaps in the future I'll expound upon it in an eye opening blog posting filled with tons of freaky coincidences.


  1. It is night flights home from Vegas that are fun, not night flights to Vegas. Don't forget to visit the Vixens of TI, formerly Treasure Island. Or to go downtown for the Fremont Experience, after dark.

  2. Dang! I knew I should have consulted you first. I went at it too logically.

    I was thinking you drink on the plane, get off the plane, take a cab to the hotel and the festivities continue after you arrive at midnight.

    But the real party is to leave Vegas at midnight and arrive back in Dallas at 5 AM?

    Dang, dang, dang. I wonder how much it would cost me to change my flight home...

    I think we'll be close to TI so maybe we can do that tonight. I like the sound of Vixens.

  3. Well, I judge from only one experience. In 2006 I flew from Seattle to Vegas, arriving at midnight. Boring flight. Only fun part was flying right over the Stratosphere Tower. An hour wait, then back on plane to here. One in the morning. People acting crazy all the day back to D/FW. Loud and rowdy. Arriving in Vegas after dark you are gonna find yourself so confused once you make it to your room and then find your way out on the strip. Try not to accidentally bring any hookers back to your room. Remember to tip the cocktail waitress slightly when she brings you a free drink whilst you are playing slots and she will keep bringing you more. Look under your mattress. Often you will find a surprise there in Vegas.