Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Illiterate Cliches, Medical Doctors, and Cold Weather

Yesterday, I blogged about Durango the Magnificent and how I needed to learn by example and follow closely in his footsteps.

Yesterday, Durango, who apparently still muddles through my blog, had some friendly advice hidden behind a petty demeanor. You can read it here.

He is a bit verbose, but, in summary, I apparently don't have enough original content except of the sexually explicit variety.

Durango blogs about the weather and how it impacts his life. He just does it without using cliches.

Therefore, I am doubling my efforts to perhaps churn out half as much as Durango the Magnificent.

A while ago Durango and I had such huge misunderstandings on regular occasions that there was often talk of bringing in a professional mediator. I miss those days.

But, back to telling you what I did yesterday when it was blustery and cold. I spent most of the day at the Doctor's office.

My hip doctor said I was better than new and recommended I only call him if I have problems.

My hand surgeon recommended something called Xiaflex. Apparently, there is lots of paperwork involved with obtaining the prescription because it's a new drug and it's expensive. They have to shoot it into my hands where it will eat through the cords and allow me to straighten my hands out again. It sounds painful and it's not a cure. Apparently, I've never had a disease that can be cured.

My new itinerary will be: hand surgeon for the Dupuytren's Contracture, periodontist for the Periodontal Disease, and Endocrinologist for the Diabetes. Ain't no problem I ain't got, but at least I don't complain. Oops, that was a cliche. Or maybe not. It's possible I don't know what cliches are.

Durango said I was naturally aggravating. Instead of trolling, I should just be myself and it would work better.

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