Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Whiminally Insane

In an attempt to get all the political posts to scroll off the bottom of my blog, I've decided to write opinions about even more volatile headlines using an abundance of ignorance.

I lock my doors. I've been told, on more than one occasion, by more than one semi-educated person, that this is a waste of time. If a criminal comes by and wants your car or wants your stereo or wants to break into your house and take your television, they'll do it. I agree with this.

I lock my doors for the normally law abiding folks who are having a bad day. I don't want someone who's down on his luck being tempted by something I did. An unlocked car door with a purse laying in the seat is tempting to even the best of us. A locked door deters the whiminal. This is my new abspewtulation for someone who commits a criminal offense on a whim. He's a whiminal.

In light of the recent headline news about the Kansas City Chiefs player who shot his girlfriend and killed himself, I tend to think along the same lines. When the government talks about banning handguns, the immediate reaction is, "Wonderful. Only the criminals will be armed." This is largely true. However, it would be good to disarm the whiminals. But, how do you know who's going to be a whiminal and who's not?  I believe we're all capable of being whiminals.

I don't own a gun. When I'm around people who do own guns, I'm uncomfortable. It's not because I don't trust them. It's because I don't trust anyone. I believe everyone is capable of becoming a whiminal. You never know when someone is going to have a really bad day and that really bad day is going to make them more upset, angry or depressed than they've ever been in their lives and they're going to snap.

It's at that point, I'd rather they didn't own a gun. It's too easy to make a life ending mistake on an emotionally charged whim.

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