Monday, December 10, 2012

Thur Thru Sun

I've grown tired of trolling.

I've decided to take a page out of Durango's book and just blog about my day to day activities and how they are impacted by the weather. His blog is much more popular than mine so I suspect this will be an epic failure, but I enjoy epic failures.

My goal, when I wake up in the morning is to solve one problem per day. Occasionally I have really good days and solve more than one problem. I don't blog about work though and that's where the majority of my problem solving skills are used. You see my dilemma. How can I blog about day to day activities, when I spend 8+ hours per day at work and I refuse to blog about work?

Last time I blogged was on Wednesday, December 5.

On Thursday, I went to a Christmas dinner hosted by the place where my gal pal works. The place I work has not had a Christmas dinner in about 10 years. This tells me that all the complaining about the economy depends a lot about where you work. It's a bit frustrating actually. The weather on Thursday was nice.

On Friday, I went bowling at the Plano Superbowl. I've forgotten how to bowl since my hip surgery. However, in my asperger's induced neurotic stubborn streak of taking no blame for myself, I'm blaming it on our new bowling teammate who is trying to help me bowl. He seems like he knows what he's talking about, but I think he's lead me astray. I must get back to my roots.

I also helped someone with their grammatical problems on Friday. I can't tell if it was kindly accepted or not. It was one of those who/that problems that I used to have before Durango the Magnificent straightened me out. It's, "he who solves problems every day", not, "he that solves problems every day". Friday was also a good weather day.

Saturday was the day to begin my Miata restoration project. We had a mishap. The police were called. I finally met my neighbor from across the street. He was nice and so was the weather.

Sunday was the day to begin repairing the hot tub (again). I had to call State Farm about Saturday's mishap. I watched the Cowboys win (miraculously). I procrastinated too long on the hot tub and it became cold and dark. The weather was overcast and became continually colder throughout the day.

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