Thursday, April 17, 2008

Apollo Automobiles

In 1961 John F. Kennedy challenged the USA to put a man on the moon. Although there is some conspiracy theorists claiming this was a hoax, I'd like to assume that it actually happened in 1969.

If the President and the government are powerful enough to do something like that in less than 10 years, how long would it take them to eliminate the need for us to "drive" to our destinations?

I suspect if the new President in 2009 were to say, "By the year 2015, we will replace fuel consuming death traps with some other means of safer more environmentally sound form of transportation", it could be done.

I'm not talking about mass transit. I'm thinking along the lines of a private transportation device that you get in, punch in your destination and it takes you there like a packet on the information superhighway (without the collisions of course). No more automobile deaths. No more drinking and driving.

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