Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rockin' Country with a Two-by-Four

I don’t watch TV. Well, I don’t watch TV unless my wife makes me. So, thru no fault of my own, I was watching the CMT Music Awards last night.

Have you heard that 80’s rock is dead? Well, apparently, it’s just shifted over to Country. Or, as my wife calls it, Country Rock.

I didn’t watch all of this program, but from what I saw, there wasn’t a whole lot of country music being played. LeAnn Rimes did one of her new songs and I kid you not. Had I not been watching already and just accidentally turned to the channel, I would have sworn that I was watching a rerun from the 80’s of one of Madonna’s live performances.

Later, this band called Rascal Flatts did a performance and it was mostly rap only that sing song rap that the Barenaked Ladies kind of made famous. You certainly couldn’t 2-step to it. Not that I would want to anyway.

To make matters worse Robert Plant won an award for a duet he did with Alison Krauss. If you don’t know who Robert Plant is, you should look him up. Google Led Zeppelin. Not long after that Joe Walsh got up on stage to hand out an award. To Joe’s credit he didn’t look very happy. Hopefully, they gave him some money.

So, if you love country music and you love 80’s rock, this must be like heaven to you. I suspect that there are a lot of diehard country fans that are wondering what happened to country music. I’m not one of those fans. Although as a purist, it kind of bothers me that they are calling this stuff country.

There is one of the recent Idol contestants that has the country whine that will make her famous one day. I was commenting to my wife that when she sings it makes my teeth hurt because she whines so good. Whines So Good would be a good name for a country song. Anyway, my wife was shocked that Simon agreed with me. I have to quit watching TV.

80’s rock is not entirely innocent of whining. Steve Perry whined too. I never liked Journey until they replaced him. I think women like whiners. Maybe I whine too and I’m just jealous.

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