Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Man without religion is like a fish without a bicycle

For some reason, this West Texas religious brainwashing molestation thing really bothers me. You have two unique and opposing ideas. But, can we agree on any of it?

We are promised freedom of religion.

We are promised personal freedom.

What happens when someone’s religion trounces on our personal freedom? Does the government have a right to step in and say, “Sorry, personal freedom is more important than religious freedom.”?

I believe that all religion has some amount of brain washing. Some are more subtle than others.

How did this sect get away with brainwashing generations of people? Is it because of freedom of religion? So maybe religion is the root of all evil?

Why are we having so much trouble in Iraq again? Isn’t it something about religion? What is Jihad?

Maybe they should reduce the number of troops in Iraq. They could bring a division or two back to Texas and wipe out some child molesting, raping, hiding-behind-religion morons.

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