Thursday, July 17, 2008


Friendship is a hard thing for me. When I was in school, I tended to hang with a small group of people that all had something in common. In my case, it tended to revolve around computers (Commodores at the time) and role playing games (Dungeons & Dragons).

When high school was over and I went off to college I lost contact with most of my friends from high school.

At college I made some new acquaintances that I looked upon as friends at the time, but I think they were more there for survival. You can't lock yourself in a dorm room and expect to exist. I required social contact of some sort. I joined an 80's rock band that played in a garage for a few years.

When I graduated from college I lost contact with everyone I met from college and it did not bother me. I met more people at work. It's interesting I don't make many friends and yet I've lived by myself for a maximum of 3 years (I'm almost 40).

I think it's a lazy thing. I require social interaction to survive. It's easier and cheaper to live with someone for my social requirements rather than having to go out 4 nights per week.

I was married for 10 years and when I got divorced, my need for social interaction went into overdrive. Luckily, there was a guy that I knew from Junior High that was getting divorced at the same time and his older brother (who I was still in contact with -- he was one of my Computer/D&D buds) got us together.

Then I got married again and we still hang out although not as much. I don't know why I'm writing all of this. Maybe I hope by writing it, the mystery will reveal itself, but I don't think it's the case.

My best man was the same at both of my weddings. The one in 1990 and the one in 2005. We used to stay up all night writing computer games and playing D&D 26 years ago.

Back in 2001/2002, I met a guy indirectly on the Internet. I like solving puzzles and I like smart people and he was both. So, I took it upon myself to meet him. From reading his posts on this obscure newsgroup, I knew something about him. To make this long story even more boring, I will tell you that I don't remember how we finally met. I went to several newsgroup "get together's" (gtg's) thinking he might show up. I don't think he ever did.

We hung out off and on for a few months. He showed me some of the Texas bike trails which I did not know existed. He showed me some of the free things you can do around Fort Worth that are quite entertaining. Then, I had to go to Germany for work and I brought back a woman. He took her around to see several of the Fort Worth sites and then he disappeared. I haven't seen him since that tour. Now, I know why :).

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  1. This person you speak of who disappeared. It can be only one of a few possibilities. The person is no longer among the living. The person had to move suddenly. The person developed amnesia. The person is one of those busy sorts who flits from one thing to another. The person hung around you long enough to find you annoying. Or it could be that German thing. One never knows about these type things. Unless one does an indepth investigation. And that just takes way too much time.