Monday, July 28, 2008

Immigration, Form 751 and Spouses

My wife's two years are up. I have the option of filling in form I-751 and sending it in to keep her here or not sending it in and the government has promised to send her back from whence she came. What to do?

Not really, I sent it in today. Those government forms are insane. I had to prove that we are actually married for love and not for convenience. Ever watch "Green Card"?

They also wanted $545. I had to make my check out to "US Department of Homeland Security". It felt kind of like bribe payout to a mobster. "If you don't give us the money, we'll bust you up real good." Because, they seriously say that if I don't pay up then they'll send her back to Germany.

I love our government. Then, we want them to amend the constitution to point out what marriage is. You can't get a friend into the country through a friendship VISA. It has to be a fiance VISA. I guess if you are gay and your lover is living in Spain, then you'll have to move to a state that recognizes gay marraige and bring them in on a fiance VISA. Will that work?

I figure they can cut down on immigrants by deeming marriages to certain nationalities unconstitutional. They'll make marriages between two men or two women unconstitutional and we all say, "Yeeehaaaa". Then, they'll say, well let's make it where we only recognize marriages between a woman born in America to a man born in America! It's not too much of a leap.

Of course, I kind of think they should loosen up on both. They could probably really cut income tax rates if they continue to extort globe trotting love birds. They should encourage gays to meet their mates overseas. It's cost me well over $1000 so far. They could finally balance the federal budget through the encouragement of gay foreign fiances (the GFF bill).

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  1. as a u.s. citizen you are not required to pay income tax. look into it.