Friday, July 11, 2008

National Fat Preserves, Patents & Gas

Today, I am going to throw out two of my most lucrative patentable ideas. Sometimes, it's easier just to throw ideas out to the public and hope someone with deep pockets makes them a reality.

At least my one reader will know who thought of it first.

Both of these ideas are about humans generating electricity via pedals and the national fat preserve.

If you think about the amount of things you do every day that don't involve using your feet. They are free most all day long to generate electricity. If you could hook bicycle pedals up to a generator you could be generating electricity and getting exercise to your heart's content.

Imagine an electric or hybrid car that has these generators in the floorboard of both back seats and the rider's seat. While you are driving the passengers are pedaling and generating electricity. You want air conditioning? Pedal. You want to watch a movie on the DVD player? Pedal. Of course this idea can be taken even further. When I drive I never use my left foot because I drive an automatic. You could put a pedal/lever mechanism on the driver's side as well, but I'm not real sure how safe that would be. It might be handy for long trips. I'm sure it would cut down on people falling asleep at the wheel.

Now take this idea and put it underneath your office desk. While I am writing my blog, I pedal. While you are reading my blog, you pedal. All these generators can feed the electric grid. If you sit in front of the computer and play games or surf the net all day, give something back and get rid of that gut. Pedal.

Gyms are a huge waste of energy. Why can't all that machinery feed the grid? You are giving people a place to workout. Let the exercise equipment feed the grid. You could probably build an exercise facility that uses almost no electricity. It may even generate enough electricity to collect a check from the utility company. Instead of Gold's Gym we'd have Green's Gym.

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  1. My computer system and tv are already pedal-powered. That's why I don't watch much tv and limit my computer time. It's too exhausting.

    And the correct term is "National Strategic Fat Preserve."