Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Text Messaging Ban In Illinois

This cracks me up for so many reasons on so many levels. I am not sure I can be coherent in my explanation of why. I'm not sure where to start.

First, if you so desire, you can read the story from a reputable news source (I don't really know for sure that it's reputable).

I'm really opposed to laws to protect us from ourselves. I don't care how kind and thoughtful the politicians think they are being. It's not good.

In summary they want to write people tickets for $25 if they are walking across the street while texting. I admit that this is stupid, but to fine someone? I guess it's similar to jaywalking. Maybe it depends on how it's presented. It might be smarter for them to give the stupid people a ticket for impeding the flow of traffic.

Are the police in Illinois really so bored that they need something else to do? "Yeah, we've got a teen looks like they are about to cross the street and they just got a text message. Possible LOL in progress."

I kid you not, my beautiful wife was checking her text messages as we left the movie theater not too long ago and she ran head on into a pole. Then, she got mad at me for not warning her! Of course, I was giggling so maybe between the bump on the head and the sting of pride, it was my fault. And then I said, "Did you want me to warn you that you were being stupid for texting and walking or that there was a pole in your way?" The beatings are still in progress.

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