Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Healthcare and Climate Solved!

My doctor always tells me I need to exercise more. Apparently it will make me healthy. 30 minutes of exercise per day is said to keep the doctor away.

There are two things that Obama is pushing now that will cost us trillions of dollars: health care and climate.

All that has to be done is to perfect generators. Make them as efficient as possible and then put them in automobiles.

Make a total electric car with all the efficiencies of generating electricity while slowing, a couple of solar panels, the latest battery technology and whatever else you can think of. Then, put pedals in the floorboard anywhere anyone can sit (including the driver).

As you drive and as you ride, you pedal to generate electricity to keep the batteries happy. If you run out of power, you have to pull over and generate some more before you can drive again. We'll all be green and healthy. Trust me.


  1. If you, by you, I mean you, Gar the Texan, were pedaling some generating device while driving you would be a hazard to others because at some point in pedaling you'd have a case of the vapors and likely a bad wreck.

  2. Yeah, I would, of course, be exempt... because of my vapors... and because it was my idea...

  3. I knew this had been done before, but had to do a bit of research to find the first time a car like this had been used, but boy howdy...after hours of digging and searching finally found it...yep, the Flintstones car.


  4. Actually, I think I did it once before. Ah, here it is...