Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random Irritants

Yesterday, I was starting my car to head for work and noticed the gas light was on. That irritated me.

I drove to the gas station to get gas. There were 4 pumps. 3 cars pulled up right before I arrived and took 3 of the pumps. The other pump had plastic over it indicating it was out of order. That irritated me.

One lady driving a big ol' truck couldn't decide what she wanted to do. She sat in her truck for 3 minutes with the engine idling before getting out to start the flow of gas. That irritated me.

One man driving a Suburban seemed quite efficient at getting the gas flow going, but then he went inside the store to shop. That irritated me.

A lady driving a shiny new red Mercedes was at the other pump. It looked like she was going to be first to finish, but she wasn't being efficient. I think she might have been working on her hair so that the pump wouldn't be scared of her or something. That irritated me.

The guy that went into the store finally came out, but his Suburban was still drinking so he checked it and quietly slipped back inside the vehicle. I guess it takes a while to fill up a 40 gallon tank. That irritated me.

The woman with the truck kept looking at me as if she coulnd't figure out what I was waiting for. That irritated me. I was giving her dirty looks.

But, the lady in the shiny new red Mercedes was the worst. She finally got into her car and started it. I was revving up the engine ready to go take her spot when she decided she needed to make a very important phone call. If looks could kill, she'd be dead.

Finally, at the end of 10 minutes of pure hell, they all left at the same time. The guy in the Suburban slightly ahead of the rest. I took his spot.

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