Friday, February 27, 2009

Random Weekly Tidbits of Information

My good friend Ed is on Facebook. Friend and fellow blogger Durango is also on Facebook. That Whited blogger guy is also. I like the idea of Facebook, but I am afraid that the megalomaniacs who run Facebook are trying to get everyone addicted to it so they can start charging $20/month after they get you to agree that everything you put on there belongs to them.

Anyway, Ed is away on business in some foreign land. The other day he posted on Facebook that he was eating little bananas. To which someone replied, "Post some pics" or something to that affect. People are always demanding pics on Facebook. It's irritating really. Anyway, Ed posted the above pic. It made me laugh out loud in my office full of co-workers which could have given away the fact I was perusing Facebook rather than working. I hope not. I don't know if you'll get as much joy from the picture as I did because you probably don't know Ed like I do and you didn't get to actually see the whole setup, but I thought I'd share anyway (just in case). I don't know who to give credit to for the picture. Maybe Ed doctored it himself.

I read in my history book last night that Alexander the Great was 32 years old when he died. You're not even allowed to run for president until you are 35.

My boss told me yesterday that some of our customers were considering using that Dragon Speech software that I always hear Durango going on about. My boss told me that after much evaluation they determined Dragon is not fast enough. Basically, you have to talk slowly for Dragon to keep up and they can type faster. I wonder if Durango has had better luck.

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