Friday, June 4, 2010

Blowing Stuff Up

I try to blog once a week whether I feel like it or not.  Don't ask me why because I don't know the correct answer.

Sometimes big events happen in the world and I gaze out amongst the bloggers and discover that everyone and their pet goldfish is writing their opinion about it.  I try not to write about these things.

The BP Oil Spill is one of these things.  Therefore, I'm not going to spend too much time on it.  I'll just mention the one thing that has been bothering me.

If USA has military technology capable of putting a nuclear missile on a dime halfway around the world, why can't we send something down a pipe 1 mile under the ocean and blow it up?


  1. I'm guessing it would make it worse? I listened to a bizarre discussion of the feasibility of using a nuclear detonation to seal it up. And that this had been done several times by the Russians, I think back when they were the Soviets. Sounds ridiculous to me, but the guy saying this was some sorta of credentialed expert.

  2. That's how they snuff out oil well fires out in these parts, but using the same to stop a leak... no clue, so I suppose we should listen to the experts, eh...what could go wrong?

  3. From what I read from the news, the biggest problem is the ecological impact the oil has on the enviroment. Using a nuclear device may shut the oil off, but the ecological impact of a nuclear device would be worse (and longer lasting) than oil.

  4. I wasn't really even thinking nuclear necessarily. If you have a pipe going through soil to a pocket of oil. If the soil is deep enough, you should be able to put a device far enough down the pipe and blow it up to where it just collapses around it sealing everything off.

    They have bombs that will bust through cement blocks and explode underneath. All kinds of technology for blowing stuff up.

    I think the reason they don't do such radical things is because they are sitting on millions, perhaps billions of dollars worth of oil. They don't want to risk losing it.

  5. Gar Darling...was it you that blew up the natural gas pipeline today? Really, must be careful with your explosives :-)