Monday, June 21, 2010

Pictures That Made Me Smile

I don't think this will be a regular thing, but it struck me as funny when I first thought of it.  Funny it must be.

I read a bit of Durango's blog today and he was complaining that Sundance Square was not a square at all.  This seemed kind of silly to me, but perhaps we've all got the blogging doldrums.  And Sundance Square is one of my favorite places to go hang out.  So don't be badmouthing it.

I am trying to help facilitate and incorporate the title of my blog in this posting.  If it gets much more random it'll cause a thunderstorm in Australia.

Today, as I got home from work I saw 2 things that made me smile so I took pictures.  Technically, there were 3 things, but 2 of them were in one picture and they were closely enough related that I call them one thing.  There were two little baby birds sitting out on my back porch screaming like banshees.  I suspect the momma bird was forcing them to learn how to fly the hard way.  I hope they take to it before bed time.

And sorry about the picture.  I didn't notice it was blurry until I posted it.  Now it's too late.  The birds are gone.  Either they figured it out or well.  Well.  We'll just say they figured it out.

The next picture made me smile for more subtle reasons and it could have been closely related to the mood I was in.  I decided to pick up some beer today at the super market and they had Hoegaarden as a "just in" flavor so I picked some up.  It's a tasty beverage. 

As I lifted the six-pack to put it in the fridge, the handle slid out and I thought it was going to break and fall.  Instead, it just showed me the correct phonetic pronunciation and it made me smile...
Now that I've actually written that and pasted the picture, it doesn't seem as charming.  I'll leave it though.  Someone might get a chuckle.  Even if it's a chuckle at the sheer goofiness of it.

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  1. The first picture is not clear enough to figure out the movements of the two little birds.. but they are really cute~!

    And about the second picture, I think my English is excellent to understand "IMPORTED FROM BELGIUM : WHO GAR" but I reckon my english teacher missed "DEN".. :(