Sunday, June 13, 2010

Victory Park and The World Cup

image I spontaneously decided to go to Victory Park yesterday and watch the USA vs England.  The last time USA played England in the World Cup it was 1950 and USA won 1-0.  From what I’ve heard it was a complete shock.

I started watching the local pregame show at 12 and they were showing all the craziness at Victory Park.  I had never been to Victory Park before so off I went to enjoy the game with hundreds of other insane people.

Once I got down there I realized that I was way unprepared.  I was sporting my red white and blue shirt so that was good, but I had failed to pack anything to sit on or anything to drink.  I am slightly insane, but not quite insane enough to stand up and watch TV for 2 hours in 96 degree heat with nothing to drink.

Luckily Victory Park is a short walk from several dozen sports bars so I just picked one and watched it there.  I still got to be part of the cheering when USA scored a bizarre goal to tie the game up 1-1.

I found a video of it so I don’t have to explain it!  It’s like the ball was spinning or something.  It hit the goalie square on, but then it just went by… See for yourself.

If I didn’t know better I’d say the Americans paid off the English goalie.

Anyway, a draw is much better than a loss.  So go support your team.  It’s great fun.  You can stream a majority of the games from ESPN3 and get to choose from a variety of languages.


  1. It wasn't the keeper, it was the stupid new ball they are using for the World Cup. It skip instead of bounce and that is causing all sorts of problems for everyone.

  2. Hhweeee… Korea lost the recent match against Argentia by 4-1. Although I’m not into sports at all, this outcome was enough to make me depressed for a while. :(