Wednesday, June 16, 2010


image One thing I’ve noticed as you begin solo again: it’s not always easy to find good vacation packages for singles.  I have reached a point in this career called life where I like to go on a real relaxing vacation once or twice a year.  I’ve got three weeks off work and for those three weeks I don’t want to have any stress.

The last two years I’ve taken 2 cruises.  Cruises are enjoyable.  As I approach my solo life, I have discovered that the cost of cruises are based on double occupancy.  If you are traveling alone, you are still going to have to pay cabin costs for 2.  You’ll save on the drinks but that’s about it.  Is it worth it?

They have singles cruises and they give you the option of having a cabin to yourself at double the rate or getting a cabin mate (of the same sex) assigned to you.  This worries me on several levels.  If' I’m shelling out $1k for a cruise I don’t want to be stuck with Dork d’Loser for 5 days.  In fact, I wouldn’t want to be stuck with Dork d’Loser for 1 day.  But, paying $2k for a cruise would probably put it in the unacceptable price to pay for the amount of fun I may or may not have.

They have websites dedicated to finding cruising buddies, but there again:  It’s like a blind date that lasts a few days rather than a few hours. 

Anyway, this encouraged me to do research which I am fond of doing.

As I present to you my results, keep in mind the amount of discomfort potential in rooming with a stranger on a ship in the middle of the ocean.  I just gave myself chills.

The resorts that popped up over and over again for singles were the Hedonism resorts.  I guess I should also mention that I look for all-inclusive deals.  When I say no stress, I really mean no stress.  The way I understand the Hedonism resorts is that you pay a fixed fee and this pays for your room, entertainment, food and drinks.

But, let’s talk about the discomfort for a minute.  The Hedonism resorts are half nude, half prude.  They have the nude pool and the prude pool, the nude beach and the prude beach, etc.  I’ve never ever been much for exhibition.  I like watching, but I don’t necessarily like participating.

My question to the masses therefore goes thusly:  Which is more uncomfortable?  Rooming with Dork d’Loser on a cruise ship for 5 days or having to party with a bunch of naked people for 5 days?  The cost is the same (in money).


  1. Take a solo road trip. Just hit the road with no particular destination in mind. With your aversion to Dork d'Losers, you should avoid solo cruises or those Hedonism things. What sort do you think goes on those things? The sort you wanna hang out with? I think not. A long solo road trip is one of the funnest things I've ever done.

  2. Haha-what a delima. I'd go the hedonism route and hang out w/the prudes ;)

  3. I've got two comments for the two comments. You can decide which one goes with which. I think it's obvious.

    I don't like driving. I tried to relax and think upon the idea of a road trip and it made me tense. I immediately started thinking of how long it would take to get from point a to point b. Then I started thinking about how many miles I'd put on my car and if I'd still be able to pay it off before the warranty expired. It was unpleasant.

    Is hanging out with the prudes an oxymoron?

  4. Long time no read from your blog~! I'll be back and catch up on it.

    I hope you have been well. :) *bisous*

  5. Jen! I thought you had gone the way of all good things. I'm glad to see you back :)

    And posting to your blog again as well I see.

  6. I'd vote Hedonism + nekkid. You only live once man.

  7. Nekkid hedonism has a certain ring to it. I'll have to start purchasing large quantities of SPF 50 now.