Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We Won Our Group!

For you non soccer fans out there and for those of you living under a rock, I have some tremendously exciting news.  USA won our group in the first round of the World Cup!

It was an aggravating game.  USA had so many close calls.  They even had another goal that was called back for a sketchy off-sides call.  They scored the winning goal at about the 91 minute mark.  About 3 minutes before end of the game.  What a nail biter!

If you take bad refereeing out of the games, then USA would have 7 points and 6 goals rather than 5 and 4.  But, it doesn't matter because we won anyway, we won anyway, we won anyway.  Repeat after me...

For my friends from South Korea and Mexico, they won second place in their respective groups so they too are progressing to the next round!


  1. I’m watching as many matches of the World Cup as I can here in Singapore. Good work for winning your group, and that’s a good thing too because if America had finished second, you would be facing Germany in the second round. Still, Ghana is a tough team. The American team need to improve, especially in midfield, if you want to win that one.

  2. I agree on all accounts. I was certainly pulling for Germany to win their group (which they did). If Germany had finished second we would have been playing them as well. Didn't want to be playing Germany in the second round. That would have sucked.

  3. Ah...especially for your household right?

  4. Well, technically she's living somewhere else so it's not my "household", but I'd still hear about it if Germany won :)

  5. YES~! Korea is now facing the match against Uruguay in the round of 16, which is scheduled in less than 24 hours, tomorrow night 11 p.m. local time in Korea.

    DAE~HAN.MIN.GOOK~! Jzak.Jzak~~Jzak.Jzak.Jzak~!!!

    :) *bisous*