Friday, May 16, 2008

Mixed Marriages and the Evil Within

The whole marriage thing is in the news again. I like that McCain, Obama & Clinton all say that they oppose same sex marriages, but believe that same sex couples should be entitled to the same legal protections. I'm not following the logic. It is starting to sound like they are mixing religion with government.

We are not allowed to say they are married because that has spiritual connotations, but if they are couples then they can still file a joint income tax return. Where is the difference?

Why do the American people need the government's blessing? I could live without it. When did we start worrying so much about what the government thinks?

If you work at a company and the company says, "Well, technically, we can't say that you are married, but we will still give your room mate health insurance." Uh. OK.

Maybe someone can explain this to me.

Is there a history of marriage? Did cavemen say, "I konked her on the head first, therefore she gets my cave when I die!"

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  1. I'm pretty sure it's one of those articles in that Constitution thing. Like Article 95. "And so let it be known that a man and a woman, and only a man and a woman may marry. In Kentucky the woman need be at least 12 years old. Other than that We leave it to the states to determine when the age of consent to marry occurs." I can't believe you didn't learn this in school. Don't they teach history in Texas?