Friday, May 23, 2008

Quit whining about gas prices

From 2002 to 2004 I spent a lot of time in Germany. Back then the exchange rate was about $1.25 per Euro. I think today it's more like $1.50 per Euro.

Every time I put gas in my rental car it cost me around 50 Euro or about $60. I drove small cars. I figure they held around 12 gallons of gas. Everything over there is in liters of course.

Long story short. I'm nowhere close to that yet. The most I've spent to fill up my little Caliber has been about $43. So, we haven't caught up yet to where Europe was 5 years ago. But, we whine louder.

For the curious, the most expensive gas in the world is about $18.62 per gallon. I think the current price in Germany is about $8.65 per gallon. If you are really hard up, you can move to Argentina. It's 12 cents per gallon there.

It amazes me that the great USA can decide in 1960 to put a man on the moon and be there by 1969, but we are still dependent upon foreign oil. There is something not quite right about that.

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