Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Prognosis of House

As a rule, I don't watch TV. However, TV is not what it used to be. I also don't read the paper. I get my news from the Internet and I only read the news I'm interested in.

But, with the advent of DVR and different TV recording devices there are a couple of shows that I record and then watch when I have nothing better to do. "Bones" is one. "House" is the other.

Last night I had nothing better to do so I watched the season finale of House. On one hand it was disappointing. It had to have been the worst episode of House ever. I hated it. I patiently watched to the end of the episode waiting for it to become good and it never did.

On the other hand it was good because when the next season starts I'll be saving myself an hour per week where I can do something more entertaining. In one hour House went from my favorite TV show to one that sucks. Bones was good.

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