Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Anna Nalick

I’m not a big fan of American Idol.  It produces good singers, but it rarely produces anyone that can write music.  I suppose you need to have performers to perform  music that someone else writes.  Where would Beethoven have been if no one would perform his music?

The problem with the way American Idol works is that the Beethovens of the world write the music, but the American Idols get all the glory.  If you look at the latest Carrie Underwood album, for example, it puts her down as a co-author on four of the tracks.  On her first albums, she is given partial credit on one track.  I suspect that her writing credit consists of her saying things like, “Can we put ‘train’ there instead of ‘locomotive’?  Locomotive is a hard word to sing.  A train is a locomotive isn’t is?”

It’s refreshing to see artists like Anna Nalick.  I’ve heard her music for a while.  It’s not exactly my style of music, but it’s good stuff.  She came into my random Pandora shuffle today and I enjoyed it enough to go look her up.  She’s got some good lyrics.  And all songs are written and performed by Anna Nalick.

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