Friday, August 21, 2009

Lasik Today

 At about 2:30 today, I am having blade free corrective surgery on my right eye.  I am hoping to permanently ditch my glasses.

I am rather nervous about it at the moment.  This will be my last post until I can see again or learn to write a blog without the ability to see.

They are doing something called monovision because I need bifocals and I refuse to wear bifocals.

Basically, this means they are correcting my right eye, but leaving my left eye alone. 

My right eye will allow my brain to focus on things far away and my left eye will hopefully allow my brain to focus on things closer (so I can read my text messages without looking underneath my glasses).

I’ve been wearing glasses or contacts for 20 years.  Hopefully sometime later today or tomorrow I can tell you how it turned out.

They say that it’s possible my brain won’t be able to adjust and then they’ll have to correct the left eye as well.  At $1800 per eye, I’m kind of hoping not.

Leading up to today I have been putting some kind of antibiotic drops in my eye four times per day.  I also had to go to Walgreen and buy some preservative free artificial tears.  These tears are more expensive than you’d think.

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