Monday, August 3, 2009

First Stop: Künzell

We had a small Mercedes A-class wagon waiting on us at the Sixt rental car at the Frankfurt airport.

We drove on to Künzell mostly along the A66 to stay at the Bäder Park Hotel. The hotel where I met my wife.

Tha A66 is a very nice scenic highway to start your Autobahn experience on if you have never driven the Autobahn before.

Künzell, I guess, is kind of a suburb of Fulda. I believe there used to be an American army base in Fulda. Fulda is not too far from Point Alpha (the hottest point of the cold war).

The hardest part about traveling over the Atlantic is the first day. For example: we left out on Sunday at 2 PM. We arrived in Frankfurt on Monday at 7 AM. If you want to survive the jet lag for the first two days, you must force yourself to treat Monday as a normal day. Have lunch at noon, dinner at 6 PM and go to bed no earlier than 9 PM. If you don't force yourself to follow this simple plan, you'll screw up Tuesday.

Monday night we went to the Beiz. This is the lovely pub underneath the hotel. They have the best beer in the world on tap. The Kreuzberg Bier.

One of my colleagues asked me to take some pictures of a German pub. The Beiz is my favorite German pub. It was in that location that I discovered the name and phone number of my future wife.

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