Sunday, August 2, 2009

Flying from Dallas to Frankfurt

I've made the flight from Dallas to Frankfurt many many times. The only airlines that have direct flights are American and Lufthansa.

I haven't flown Lufthansa in a while. Last time I did, their planes were not up to spec entertainment wise. They had movies, but they were on those screens that come down out of the ceiling that you share with about 30 other people. So you watch what everyone else watches. But, on Lufthansa, you get free alcoholic beverages so after a while the lack of televised entertainment becomes less important.

On American Airlines, you have your very own screen, but the entertainment runs in cycles. It's like a TV with no VCR or DVD player. You can watch the shows you want to watch, but only at their designated showing times. On American, the alcoholic beverages cost $5.

I flew Delta this time and had to make a stop in Atlanta. I don't like making stops. But the flight from Atlanta to Frankfurt merged the best of both worlds with a technologically advanced entertainment system. The alcoholic beverages were mostly free. Beer and wine were free. The harder stuff including mixed drinks still cost $5. The entertainment system was like your own little DVD/CD/Game box in the comfort of your own slightly too small for comfort chair (but they all have the chair thing in common). They had a pretty good selection of movies to choose from and the movies started whenever you push the play button and you could pause, rewind and fast forward.


  1. Well, drunk or not, you did a GREAT job of snagging similar-sized corporate logo banners for the 3 airlines in your post. I think it added a lot of depth....

  2. Well, thanks Ed. But, I wasn't really drinking. My oldest daughter was bugging me for the computer and I had to rush a bit, but there was no alcohol involved.

    D is irritated with me because of a write up I did about him on another blog. It had to do with exotic snakes and cross dressing.

  3. As I started to read your post, I mentally inserted a period after the second line (after the word "was"). I was disappointed to look back and see it wasn't there.

    I didn't really think you were drinking. When you drunkblog you're simultaneously much more funny and incoherent.

    I dunno why D should be irritated. I bet he looks good in nothing but a boa....