Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dallas Entertainment

Last weekend I was trying to entertain a guest from my hometown area.  I was torn between going to downtown Dallas or downtown Fort Worth.

My serendipitous friend Durango recommended Grapevine, but in his email he mentioned something about scenery and lakes and moonlight walks on the beach.  It all sounded too icky.

My Wink friend was staying at a hotel very near downtown Dallas so that made the decision for me.  Dallas it would be.

As we were making our way to the downtown area (I always exit East Commerce), I was telling her that on Saturday evening, all the museums and stuff would be closed, but we could still see the Grassy Knoll, the  04GrassyKnollKennedy Memorial, the “Old Red” Courthouse and all that other good stuff.  We just wouldn’t be able to go  inside.  I don’t know if she spotted any of them  as we drove by.  I know we drove by them all.

Well, we were hungry so we parked near West End and immediately headed for Dick’s Last Resort.  I had been there once before and enjoyed it so I thought she might as well.  The food isn’t really all that wonderful, but the ambiance is very cool.  The wait staff tries to behave in an obviously mean, grumpy sarcastic fashion which makes me feel right at home.  We sat at a long bench table with about 6 others sitting on the other end.  One of the girls on the other end was sporting a big white baker’s cap made out of paper that said, “So easy a caveman could do me.”  Great fun.  They have pictures at the link above.

By the time we left there it was getting dark.  I’ve always been a fan of piano bars and I’ve been to Gator’s Croc & Roc  before so I thought it’d be good to go again.  It was tons of fun.  They have a whole slew of mixed drinks.  I had something called a “Lethal Weapon” that probably would have been better off staying in the mixer.  It was good, but deadly.  I guess the reason for it’s name.

The piano bar portion was a bit sparse on people.  I don’t think there were ever more than 20, but we were able to get more attention from the pianist so we made up for it.  One of the tables was occupied by a couple from Hobbs, New Mexico which is, ironically, within spitting distance of Wink.  Well, if you can spit about 70 miles.

The calendar said they had a live band on the roof so we went upstairs.  No live band, but they had KARAOKE!  I’m a karaoke fool.  Fun was had by all.  Or at least by me.


  1. Twas great fun! Thanks for being my personal tour guide, I had a total blast! Your rendition of Louis Armstrong was superb, the conversation was splendid, and you two step stupendously (sorry about stepping on your feet, I'm more of a free style dancer).

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was fun.