Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Come Share Your Stories of Kermit (Now I Know Why)

Durango, the budding rock star living just down the road from me, has opened my eyes as to why I need psychiatric help.

After I turned 18 I moved around a lot. The longest I ever stayed in any one place was 7 years. Before I was 18? I lived in Wink for 3 years and Kermit for 15 years. I lived longer in Kermit than any other place in all my life.

Now, when I voice my psychiatric concerns, Durango springs this on me. And I'm thinking. This isn't unusual. Stuff like this happened every day.

Perhaps it was something in the water? Come share your fond memories of Kermit. I know you are out there. You can forgo mentioning names to protect the unindicted.

Like the guy who built the pipe bomb in his garage. And help me remember this one. Didn't someone in the upper echelon go down for selling drugs? Fond memories.

I remember my father drove a car without tags from Chicago to Wink. To get to Wink, he came in through the top of the Texas Panhandle (Amarillo). Basically a 7+ hour drive through countless Texas cities. He got pulled over twice in Kermit for no tags (you have to go through Kermit to get to Wink). Kermit ain't that big.

Kermit is the only place I've ever been pulled over for "looking suspicious". I've heard that back in the late 70's or early 80's the Kermit police department started selling drugs so they could make all the profits. Incarcerating drug traffickers makes the local law enforcement look good and cuts down on the competition.


  1. Gar---
    Now that your eyes have been opened are you gonna get the help you need? I've seen this Dr. Drew Re-hab show on MTV or VH1, one of those. Maybe you could get on the Dr. Drew show, where he can help you de-Kermitize.

  2. That would actually be great fun!

    The de-Kermitizing of Gar. Does that title work? I need to work on my crazy face a bit.

    How's this?