Thursday, February 25, 2010

Maps.Bing.Com vs Maps.Google.Com

I like maps.  I don’t know why, but I do.  Today I ordered my tickets to go see Cadillac Sky.  The tickets are sold through Bass Performance Hall, but the concert is actually at McDavid Studio.  The address says 301 East 5th Street.  Google Maps shows this as a parking lot.  Microsoft has their little mapping engine which, in the past, has sometimes been much better at giving me information.
For some reason today, it’s coming up in Spanish.  When I tell it I want English, it changes to a half English, half Spanish thing.
I am a big fan of consistency.  One thing I can say about Google.  There stuff has never been absolutely useless.  I failed Spanish in High School for a reason!
Anyway, I know where 5th Street is in Fort Worth.  I know the Flying Saucer is at image111 East 4th Street.  Concert starts at 7:30.  I plan to be at the Saucer between 5 & 6 having a pint or two of Franziskaner Heffe-Weisse Dunkel.  Feel free to join me.  Unless you are mad at me for calling your friend a Jack Ass.

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