Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Enter the Haggis

Upon my merry Pandora player today occurred “Enter the Haggis” on my Funky Irish Jazz station.  You can see my hodgepodge of stations somewhere over to the right under Rambling Music.

Anyway, the song was good.  It seemed appropriate to the last few days of physically straining debate.

It’s called Gasoline on their album Casualties of Retail.  I love that title. 

back then the earth was green

dirt was black and the air was green

and then upon the scene

cars and trucks and gasoline

Watch below.  I’m a big fan of kilts.  They should definitely be more mainstream.


  1. I think I should look for your hodgepodge of music stations~!

    ENTER THE HAGGIS is interesting. Their lyrics and performance in the web-design-tartan matching their band name are impressive, albeit this tune is not that fresh to me, which slightly reminds me of Franz Ferdinand’s Take me out.

  2. The link you posted blocked me. It told me I was in the wrong country :). Not exactly those words. I did a search and found another one here if anyone in the wrong country wants to listen :).

    Yeah, that wasn't my favorite tune, but I kind of liked the lyrics.