Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winkler County Sits Atop a Cesspool of Oil and Gas Drilling Waste Water

image I don’t think that's really true of course. Unfortunately, my blog is not the most read blog in these here hills. A man by the pseudonym of Durango has posted an innocent spot about the loony lunar landscape of Wink.

I find it…ironic (is that the correct usage) that people are all about the evils of the oil industry in Winkler County where if it weren’t for said industry, there would be no such place. Now having said that, the oil industry needs to be held accountable for their cleanliness, but that has no pertinence to the post linked above that you should go read.

Don’t just read the post. Read the comments as well. Sometimes I feel that I am overreacting. Sometimes I don’t. I’d invite you all to add to the entertaining dialog and don’t worry about the belittling comments by the blog moderator and author (Durango). He only does that to me.

And yes, I know that it is supposed to be the Kermit Crater…Not the Wink Sink.

By the way, the picture above, I stole from Frogtown. I kid you not. “Living a Life of Self-Delusion in Kermit, Texas”.


  1. I don't appreciate your belittling comments about my allegedly belittling comments. Has it occurred to you that the comments that you perceive are making you smaller are actually reducing you to your proper size?

  2. D'Go, my main man! Long time no see!

    What is my proper size? I must try and conform.