Monday, February 22, 2010

More Ash Koley...And Phil

Way back on January 2nd, I posted a little post about happy music.  I said something about this being the year for happy feel good music and I posted a video by Ash Koley called "Don't Let Your Feet Touch Ground".

Ash Koley...And Phil forced me to do something I said I'd never do.  They forced me to download mp3's from Amazon.  I have close to 1000 CD's.  In fact I may have over 1000 CD's.  I like having the CD.  But, as far as I could tell, you can't buy Ash's CD's.  You can download the album in mp3 format, but I said I'd never do that.

Anyway, I broke down and downloaded some music the other day.  And to celebrate that strange and unforgiving hurdle, I am posting more feel good happy music from Ash Koley...And Phil... "Downtime Up".


  1. Ash Koley...And Phil have such pleasurable beats in the songs you have introduced, I should look more of their music up as well.

    It’s pity that I can’t access to your Pandora music stations, as Pandora doesn’t allow anyone outside the U.S. to access their music.

  2. Yeah, that is a pity. I believe you have RIAA to thank for that.

    There are technical ways to get around it. Maybe I'll post about it later. You basically have to fool Pandora into thinking you live in the USA via tunneling or vpn.

    In the mean time, I'll try and post any time a cool song comes on :)