Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gathering the Trash

Seems like this entire year my trash day has been on the worst day of the week: Thursdays.

On this particular Thursday we are having an unseemly amount of big white wet flaky stuff pouring from the sky. It's like someone dripping melted vanilla ice cream on your head when you go outside. Only not as tasty.

And the kids don't seem to have any school. At least there are a bunch of teenagers at the house across the street.

They giggled at me as I made my way to the curb to bring in my recycling bin and trash bin and put my Californication DVD in the mailbox.

They could have been giggling because I had my pants tucked into my cowboy boots and was wearing my Rastafarian hat to protect my flowing flocks from the dripping snow. Maybe.


  1. Our trash day is Thursday and I think it's great. No Monday morning blues, no Friday jitters. No humpday specials. Thursday is perfect in trashlandia.

    I beg to differ on snow being less tasty. I think it's delicious. Snow + vanilla = the tastiest of all tasties.

    I applaud your choice of shows, by the way. Californication is DVD gold.

  2. I've seen you around before Jovan.

    I went and read a bit of your blog today. I was shocked to discover your birthday is today! Happy birthday.

    Don't tell Durango (the obvious Garth) that your birthday is today. He doesn't like Aquarius.

    Went out and had snowball fights with my wife when she got home. I might have to post about that later.

    I'm starting to change my mind about the snow. My feelings are random like my blog.

  3. Well thanks for the birthday wishes, it's basically the same day as yesterday, ha!

    I don't know if you know this, but it's basically impossible to NOT like me. So, I'm not worried about Aquarius-haters.

    Snowball fights are great fun, but tiring. I'm probably just old.