Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Startled O's

[3JV-justin+013.jpg]Today, the world is a small place. I think it'll be my new goal to try and meet people from all over the world. If not in person then perhaps through this meager tablet of webbage I call my blog.

One of the first random blogs I started following is written by Ghost from Singapore. You'll see it over to the right under Random Blogs. It's called Musings From the Lion City. He always seems to blog about things just before I do. We have similar gaming interests and we read similar books. It's always interesting to read his opinion of things from the Singapore point of view.

Today, Jen commented on my Motörhead post. She said that the umlaut over the o made the o look startled. I thought that was a funny and random thing to say so I went to see what she writes about in her spare time. She's from South Korea and she just started a new blog. Her first post inspired me to go out and find some music to listen to. You'll see why. I'm adding her blog to my list. It's called Lyric Waltz. Her style of writing is better than mine and I think I've probably been at it longer. Sad but true. As long as she doesn't write as much as my inspirational nemesis Durango, we'll all be okay.

Anyway, here's the music I found. I don't own a lot of classical music, but Holst: The Planets was one of the first ones I bought...

As I branch out I may have to cut down on my domestic followage. I'll apologize ahead of time!

I tried to write this using Googles new editor. Man I messed things up. Had to edit it like 10 times. The preview looked okay, but you should have seen it after I hit the Publish button. This'll be fun!


  1. Re: branching out and loosing your domestic followage.

    I have the same problem. Used to be I'd rant on politics and the like for the amusement of my friends and occasionally post a technical thing (as much to document for myself as anything). These days the technical stuff gets the lion's share of the traffic. So I rant a lot less.

  2. I agree. To date, my most popular post has been one of my more technical posts.

    Of course, my other most popular post was simply a cut and paste from some junk email.

    It's all a big experiment. Sometimes I get in a mood (I guess a rant). Other times I push the envelope just to see how people will react.

    Problem with technical stuff is I'm a hack. I just keep trying different things until it works. There's no way I could document it all...

  3. Believe me - most of mine are hacks too. I started out writing them just so I could document what I'd done in case I ever needed to remember. I'm not organized enough to make notes.

  4. It’s really interesting. Once I also wrote about THE PLANETS by Gustav Holst on another site, but then I wrote about my favorite in our solar system, Saturn which is described as ‘the Bringer of Old Age’ in the music.

    I’ve always thought of Jupiter as an amusement park with a huge orange colored Roller Coaster, a place of true Jollity?

    I’m so happy to know you, GAR.

  5. Happy to know you to Jen!

    I've always preferred Jollity to Old Age :)

  6. I forgot the second o. I hate it when that happens.

    Either that or my hands were flying faster than my brain could spell check.