Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I hate it when this happens.  On March 22, Los Lobos & Leo Kottke are playing in Fort Worth.  Here are videos…

On March 23, Joe Bonamassa is playing in Fort Worth.  And I’ve got the blues…

I’m leaning towards Joe, but it’s a difficult decision.


  1. Live the "American Dream of Excess" and go to both.

  2. Here's to having an American Dream!

  3. Well.. I'm not supposed to vote there.. However I tried the songs and they all sounded a bit out of fashion to me..

    Try BajoFondoTangoClub

  4. Jen, no one said you couldn't vote :).

    In fashion I am not.

    The video you linked to is good music, but it made me tired to listen to it.

    If I were in the right mood, it might be excellent.

    Go here to get an idea of my favorite types of music...

  5. All the introduced bands here are nice and among the songs introduced, I liked “La Familia” best.

    Yeah, we have slightly different taste in Rock, about my taste, if I have to select only 2 songs, they should be the following.

    Muse – Space Dementia (They know how to play the PIANO~!!!)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6CpJ3-BzNA (live)

    Infected Mushroom – Artillery (This sound really stimulates neurons~! You must listen to this on a stereo~!!!)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2wekvvrvUc (live)

  6. I assume this is the same Muse that did Supermassive Black Hole for the Twilight movie. I really like that song. This song was good as well. I'll have to pay more attention to them.

    Now I will have to go pull out my Twilight Blu-ray and watch the baseball scene again.

    I am a big fan of stimulated neurons :). I don't have access to the necessary stereo equipment at this juncture to properly enjoy it.

  7. I bought Leo Kottke tickets the day they went on sale.

  8. I bought my Leo tickets today. I decided I'll catch Joe another time. He's bound to be back.

    I'll be sitting in the front row of the nose bleed section :). It's my favorite spot.

    I'm already looking forward to my mandatory trip to the Saucer for the pre-show drinks.