Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Technical Support

Someone sent me this today.  I can’t decide whether it’s funny or sad.







But which country do you get when you have a technical problem with your computer?


  1. Those technology buses are AWESOME!!! Region 18 has three, a school district can request to use them, it's a great way tool for schools that don't have the computer labs.

    By the way, the person who sent the blog fodder, has a great sense of humor.

  2. Funny in a way, but also pretty silly. I can promise you that software engineers in India are as good as anyone in Japan--and just try having a conversation in English with a Japanese support tech. You only *think* an Indian accent is hard to understand! India & China have numbers on their side: if you're one in a million in India, there are 1200 people *just like you*.

  3. O_O You really do get the most interesting things.

    I do like that bus though. Pretty swanky! Those darn techophiles. Can't go anywhere without data usage, lol. I thought being glued to an iPhone was bad ... ... ...

    And FYI, the last Indian person I had was named John (that comes with a snicker), and he was very helpful and nice. He yelled at me though because I think he thought that me not understanding him equated to me being deaf.

  4. hmm. Here's what went through my mind when I saw that: The "Japanese" bus looked like it was owned by Microsoft. The kids in India looked like they were happy to be going to school (even in those conditions).
    I'm not going to talk down on anyone that can speak two or more languages fluently and I've never met an Indian who can only speak one.
    Once I called Microsoft tech support to get a copy of XP registered. I was in Germany. The tech support guy spoke German with an Indian accent. True story. His English was oddly not very good.

  5. I agree on what Ghost said.

  6. BAHAHAHAHA, German with an Indian accent. That's great. I have an "American" accent when I'm speaking Spanish, according to my great aunts and uncles in Espana.

    Moral of the story: the world is verrrry strange. Especially when it comes to Japan. ^_^

  7. Hahaa so funny in my oppinion!
    Well.. Ok, actually it's sad, I work all day with the PC with Customer care tech support and the worst thing that could ever happened to me is to be called for help by 30 oriental children that are in trouble with their computers in the middle of the road!!!!

    Thanks for showing this, you made me laugh for about 5 minutes