Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Healthcare and Unemployment

Train the unemployed to be health providers for the uninsured.  Think about it.

Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?

I think so Brain, but how are we going to make pencils that taste like bacon?  Or maybe we should make bacon that tastes like pencils.


  1. If we were really smart, we'd do like we did in Uganda. Train people to do common things--like give shots or make common diagnoses, give them the supplies, and done. Preventative healthcare. Plus, in Uganda, I was considered a frikin full-fledged doctor. Maybe we should change our perceptions!?

  2. Its as if you...understand. Sometimes it frightens me.

  3. I should add not to take that the wrong way. People don't understand me through not fault of their own. I normally don't express myself very clearly. It's a fault I can't seem to kick. So when someone does seem to understand me, it's frightening.

    See how I try to explain my nonsensical ramblings in a nonsensical way in an effort to avoid "possible" problems before they happen? It's not pretty.

    It's Durango's fault.

  4. You know, you didn't have to qualify your statement, lol. I definitely understood what you meant; I thought you were just being cheeky anyways.

    I can't help but think that this could turn into another fiasco with the mention of Dango! :P

  5. Don't worry. Dango doesn't read comments.