Friday, March 5, 2010

Fort Worth’s Corruption

I am reminded of the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Two cities destroyed by God with fire and brimstone because Abraham could not find 10 righteous people in the city.

I don’t think Fort Worth is that bad.  However, the last few years have to give you pause.  They simply have to.  Perhaps the Fort Worth citizens need to elect a new government to repair the damage?  Perhaps the fact that Fort Worth still has the same mayor after most of this corruption was uncovered is a testament to the depth of the corruption.

I’m not going to do research, I’m just going to name the few that come to mind because they’ve been brought to my attention.  I’m quite sure there are others.

Obviously there is the Rainbow Lounge raid which, no matter how hard I try to spin it, just sounds like a bunch of macho cops trying to make themselves feel good by raiding a gay bar and putting one of the patrons in the hospital.  And if that’s not bad enough they have brought charges against the guy they sent to the hospital (for assault).  So they beat a guy so badly that he has to spend time in the hospital and then charge him with assault.  Here comes the fire Fort Worth.

Then there is the recent activity of Steve Doeung (try to skim all 5 pages of that story – it’s eye opening) who my co-bloggers have been planning rallies for.  Steve wants to keep his house even though the city of Fort Worth and the natural gas companies want to take it away.  At one point, the Fort Worth police ticketed Steve for code violations because he had stuff in his front yard.  They want to condemn his house.  When he doesn’t move quick enough they ticket him.  And here comes the brimstone Fort Worth.

And finally, I just saw this yesterday.  A Fort Worth family is suing the Pour House because they allegedly “overserved” a gentleman who proceeded to drive 70 miles an hour in a 35 before colliding with Sonia Baker.  She was killed.  It’s a sad story.  The guy driving the car?  The car was an unmarked police car and the guy driving the car was a Fort Worth police officer.

The Fort Worth Police Department says that the officer started drinking earlier while on-duty as part of an unauthorized undercover bar detail.  That’s not a typing error.  He was an unauthorized undercover cop on bar detail.  What’s up with that?

The Pour House was host to a birthday party where this officer along with a group of his colleagues were in attendance.  I’ve never served alcohol.  But shouldn’t the police (off duty or not), be a little bit more responsible than an 18 year old waitress?  Is an 18 year old really gonna have the stones to stand up to a group of Fort Worth Police officers and say, “Sorry, you guys have had too much.”  I mean not too long ago they put a guy in the hospital for being gay!

Maybe Mayor Moncrief will be Lot’s wife.


  1. Everything's bigger in Texas, eh? Even our corruption, apparently.

  2. It would seem so. I normally don't pay attention to stuff like this. If it's not hurting me then I don't care.
    But this just seems so random. I'm not a Fort Worth citizen (any more), but I spend a lot of time there.
    Eventually, you start to feel lucky that you haven't been picked on yet.