Monday, March 29, 2010

Socially Single Tasked

I don’t mind saying that I have a hard time in social situations.

Last week, I started out on Monday by going to a Leo Kottke/Los Lobos concert by myself.  When I go to these things, I always have dinner and a couple of beers at the Flying Saucer in Fort Worth because it is across the street from the Bass Performance Hall. 

For the record, Leo Kottke was better than expected.  Los Lobos was worse than expected.  I’ll always be a fan of someone that can play guitar like Leo and be able to keep the audience chuckling with his sarcastic humor and anecdotes from past experience (while he tunes his guitar).  I think the drummer for Los Lobos was having trouble keeping time.  It felt like half their songs were dragging.

On Thursday, I found myself at the Windmill Lounge in downtown Dallas trying to become better acquainted with some new acquaintances.  I had been in that area before, but at the Tin Room.  The Windmill Lounge is a nice small pub.  Small pubs are fairly intimidating to us socially challenged folks, but I stuck it out.  Anytime I started feeling uncomfortable, I just talked to some random person.  Well, it wasn’t quite random.  There’s always avoiding the large angry man with the tattoos or the old lady who drank too much and is fondling her neighbors.

You think I jest about the old lady, but I do not.  Unfortunately, when I went up on stage to sing Johnny B. Goode, she felt it was necessary to come dance with me.  I think security hauled her off.  I know she was gone when I finished.

All in all, last week was crazy.  Thus, the lack of blogging.  I think I can only do one social thing at a time.  I can’t be virtually social and (what’s the opposite of virtually?) social at the same time in the same week. 

This week seems to be starting off virtual, but no promises.  My mother-in-law is flying in from Germany on Wednesday.  She wants to go to Daddy Rabbits Pub on Friday.  My wife, of course, conveniently has to work.


  1. Gartholomew---
    That is just about the saddest thing I've read today. Having to take your mother-in-law to something called Daddy Rabbit's Pub, solo, due to your wife working. How does mom even know about something called Daddy Rabbit's? How come you don't take mom to where her daughter is working, rather than Daddy Rabbit's? And you're really coming all the way into downtown Fort Worth to drink beer to fortify yourself for listening to music at the Bass Performance Hall? Like I said, this is just about the saddest thing I've read today. Had I known I would have gone with you, at least to the beer drinking part. The Bass part, not as likely.

  2. My sadness knows no bounds. It only has become worse. It is so bad I find it difficult to blog about it.

    Had I known that you could still be seen with me I would have notified you of my intent to spend time at the Saucer.