Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sarcasm Font

On the first day of spring, of the year that fears of global warming have reached a fevered pitch and calls for a sarcasm font have fallen mostly on deaf ears; it is snowing.


  1. Your cries for a way to denote your sarcasm have NOT fallen on deaf ears.

    Sarcasm is best transcribed as a punctuation mark, which will work in plain text (for SMS) and handwriting and won't require every platform to support a new font.

    The punctuation mark is: ¡

    More info at

  2. I have read your idea and have decided that it only works for short sentences.

    How do I convey an entire paragraph or god forbid an entire post to be choreographed in a sarcastic fashion?

  3. Heh. I thought the same thing when I heard it was snowing. I was in Colorado though, so it seemed normal. Then I realized that this must be the reason the scientists and such are calling for it to be called "global climate change" since us hot-climate folk don't understand how it can be COLDER. Hahahahaha!