Saturday, March 13, 2010

Investing Genius

This just in: The USA government purchased controlling interest in GM and immediately purchased Toyota's for their retired CIA agents.  After being stealthily manipulated, the Toyota's were used in high profile "accidents" to discredit the leading car manufacturer in the world.  GM stock is expected to go through the roof thus paying for many poorly budgeted plans by the evil investment holding company: your government.  All hypothetical of course.

Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
I think so Brain, but if Jimmy cracked corn and no one cares, why does he keep doing it? 

I'm in Amarillo.  My bloggings shall suffer appropriately.

1 comment:

  1. Ha! That's such a great theory. I'm going with it. It's weird though, since FoMoCo would be the one to benefit, not GM. No one likes GM. They still have barely anything worth a nod. Meh.

    OH! Listen. You need to read the article I just posted on my blog. I definitely need to hear your thoughts on it.

    And, WTH are you doing in Amarillo? I mean, what could possibly be there?